Michael and Aimee Smith

Michael Smith

Owner/Project Manager

Michael got started in drywall when he was 8 years old and his Pa began taking him to work on weekends and during Michael’s summer break from school in Orlando, Florida. By the age of 14, Michael was journeyman in drywall finishing. After he graduated from high school, Michael became a partner in his Pa’s drywall company. Over the next three years, Michael became a journeyman in hanging drywall and learned the trade secrets of many different drywall textures.

A small-town southern boy, Pa valued workmanship, professionalism, honesty and a strong work ethic. He taught these values to Michael, and Michael lives by them to this day.

Now in San Diego, Michael is married to the love of his life, Aimee, and has formed Second 2 None Drywall. He understands that the success of his business relies largely on repeat and referral customers. Therefore, his goal is to listen to your wants and needs and help you achieve them, leaving you happy and completely satisfied with your project.

Aimee Smith

Office Manager

Raised in a family of crafty people, Aimee grew up believing garages were meant for workshops and storage and had no clue they were actually designed to house cars. Her father and grandfather were both skilled woodworkers, doing everything from building and remodeling houses to designing and building furniture and boats and carving decoys.

Together, the two worked a handy-man business focused on painting houses and offices. For years, Aimee has changed her own oil, painted her own walls and dealt with small plumbing concerns. She loves the smell of wood and the sound of football games because they remind her of home. A physical education teacher by day, she is also the office manager for Second 2 None Drywall and loves working alongside and helping her husband, Michael.